Diode Laser for Hair Removal with Automatic AI skin and hair detection sensor.

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ALIX PRIVE ® 3000 AI PLUS TWO: Revolutionizing Hair Removal

  • World's first AI diode laser hair detector handle.
  • Automatic 4-wavelength premium laser for effective treatments.
  • 755 nm + 808 nm + 940 nm + 1064 nm
  • 24 hours continuous operation
  • Professional permanent hair removal for all skin types.
  • Innovative cooling technology for a comfortable experience (down to 1,76 °F)
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  • Complete Treatment Equipment included
  • Complimentary Delivery by Customer Service
  • Access to Online Training Academy (included Certification)

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ALIX PRIVE®️ AI:Innovation in Laser Technology

ALIX PRIVE®️ AI PLUS TWO by Alix Lasers®️ epitomizes innovation in laser and light systems, with software meticulously developed at their Swiss site. For over a decade, the company has aligned its product quality with the latest research, continually refining it based on customer experience. This commitment has enabled Alix Lasers®️ to consistently achieve optimum results across all treatments with their fully automated software. The device is notably equipped with two laser handles and offers three variable spot sizes, representing a significant breakthrough in the field as both handles can operate simultaneously, enhancing treatment efficiency and flexibility.

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Revolutionary AI Diode Laser Technology

The ALIX PRIVE®️ AI PLUS TWO introduces the world's first AI diode laser hair detector handle, a groundbreaking feature that provides intelligent suggestions for treatment parameters. This innovation utilizes a vast database of clinical and client data to optimize treatment settings. Additionally, the device boasts the world's first patented diode laser pulse-wave technology. It significantly reduces the pulse width to just 2 ms, which is 5-20 times lower than other diode lasers, ensuring a 100% painless treatment experience. This advanced technology is not only fascinating but also highly efficient and patient-friendly.

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Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort

The ALIX PRIVE®️ AI PLUS TWO leverages highly integrated technology used in manned spacecraft, resulting in a 50% reduction in the volume of the laser power supply and a 70% decrease in energy consumption. This efficient design underscores the device's cutting-edge nature. Furthermore, it features an improved annular Peltier cooling system, which can reach -18° in just 2 minutes. This enhancement increases skin contact cooling by 300%, significantly boosting patient comfort during treatments. The combination of these advanced features positions the ALIX PRIVE®️ AI PLUS TWO as a leader in laser technology, offering both unparalleled efficiency and enhanced patient comfort.

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