Financing Made Easy

Three Simple Steps to Your Beauty Upgrade

Experience the ease of financing with Alix Lasers®. In just three simple steps, you can elevate your business with our cutting-edge laser technology. Begin your journey to global beauty excellence now.

Initiate Your Financing Journey

Engage in a consultation with our team to determine the best financing option for you. Together, we'll complete the financing application, ensuring a solution that fits your needs.

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Swift Approval Process

Typically, our finance department or Clicklease will make a decision on your financing approval within 24 hours. Occasionally, our partner bank may require a bit more time to finalize the decision.

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Rapid Funding Release

Once approved, funding is arranged swiftly, allowing you to place your order with us. This quick process ensures you can start your beauty business venture in no time.

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0% Inhouse Financing

Benefit from 0% interest fee financing on amounts up to $70,000 with a 35% downpayment, enabling a smooth start for your beauty business.

Clicklease Financing

Clicklease offers financing up to $30,000 without a downpayment, with interest rates varying based on the term length to suit different financial situations.

Stearnsbank Financing

Stearnsbank offers tailored financing solutions with rates and down payments dependent on your credit score, ensuring a personalized approach.


Personal Financing Plan

Tailor your journey with a financing plan designed specifically for your needs.


Make a Downpayment

Secure your future in beauty technology with a simple, initial downpayment.


Training and Shipping

After online training, we promptly dispatch your state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring fast delivery.


Unbox and Profit

Unwrap your new device and start transforming your business into a profitable venture.

Kickstart Your Profitable Beauty Business

Embark on a lucrative journey in the beauty industry with our diverse financing options. At Alix Lasers ®, we empower you to launch your own profitable beauty business from day one. Our tailored financing solutions are designed to fit your unique needs, ensuring a smooth start with immediate returns. Imagine the thrill of earning profits right from the get-go, equipped with cutting-edge laser technology.

Don't let financial constraints hold you back from realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Contact us today to explore how our financing plans can turn your aspirations into reality. Let's build your success story together!

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