Machine for weight loss, Muscle building and skin tightening with Automatic Alix System

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ALIX SAPHIR ® EMS POWER PLUS: Sculpt Your Dream Body

  • Achieve weight loss and muscle building goals effortlessly.
  • Experience skin tightening and radio frequency treatments.
  • Get the benefits of 45 minutes of treatment in just 5 hours at the gym.
  • ALIX EMS BODY TRAINER shapes your body to perfection.
  • Skin firming

  • Complete Treatment Equipment included
  • Complimentary Delivery by Customer Service
  • Access to Online Training Academy (included Certification)

Social Media Package

We offer you a free website, flyer designs and social media templates to instantly enhance your online presence.

5 Years Warranty

Have a peace of mind with our 5-Year Warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and support for your investment.

Online Training and Certification

With every device purchase, you receive complimentary online training tailored to that specific product, along with a certification upon completion.

Comprehensive Body Shaping with Alix EMS

The ALIX EMS BODY TRAINER is a cutting-edge device designed to meet the growing demands for body shaping. It includes types 2 and 4 handpieces and is effective not only for weight loss but also for muscle building and hip lifting. This device promises to sculpt your body into an S-shape, offering a healthy and slim appearance while maintaining a plump but not thin look. The ALIX EMS BODY TRAINER is an ideal solution for those seeking a more beautiful and well-defined physique, with just 45 minutes of treatment equating to 5 hours in the gym.

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HI-EMT Technology: Muscle Growth and Fat Reduction

Utilizing HI-EMT (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology), the ALIX EMS BODY TRAINER induces muscles to expand and contract continuously, akin to extreme training. This process deeply reshapes the internal structure of the muscles, leading to muscle growth (myofibril growth) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). Consequently, this increases muscle density and volume. The technology also causes muscles to reach a 100% contraction limit, leading to significant fat loss as fatty acids are broken down and eliminated from the body's normal metabolism. Medical research indicates that this technology can effectively increase muscle by 16% and reduce fat by 19% at the end of a treatment.

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Diverse Training and Health Benefits

The ALIX EMS BODY TRAINER offers a range of training benefits. It can train the abs, shaping the vest line, create peach hips, and shape the V-lines by working on the obliques. The device also activates collagen regeneration in the lower pelvic floor muscle tissue, tightening loosened muscles, and addressing issues like urine infiltration and incontinence. It strengthens core muscles, including both large (rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques, transverse abdominis) and small core muscles (gluteus maximus), enhancing core stability, posture, athletic ability, and reducing injury risk. Additionally, it is particularly beneficial for mothers post-delivery, helping to tighten loose abdominal muscles and reduce abdominal circumference caused by the separation of the rectus abdominis.

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