Diode Laser for Hair Removal with Alexandrit Technology and Automatic AOS 5.0 System.

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Powerful 5000W COBRA Laser for Various Treatments:

  • Permanent hair removal, Tattoo removal, Carbon peeling, Skin rejuvenation, Spot removal, Skin tightening, Wrinkle removal, Acne therapy, Vascular treatment, Skin whitening

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  • Complete Treatment Equipment included
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5 Years Warranty

Have a peace of mind with our 5-Year Warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and support for your investment.

Online Training and Certification

With every device purchase, you receive complimentary online training tailored to that specific product, along with a certification upon completion.

Advanced Cooling-System in Hair-Removal

The long-pulse laser from Alix Lasers®️ revolutionizes hair removal and skin treatments by thermally destroying hair follicles with intense light pulses, while ensuring the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. A key feature of this technology is the dynamic cooling device, which sprays a liquid cryogenic coolant on the treatment area before each laser pulse. This innovative approach provides a cooling protection factor significantly higher (over 50%) than traditional contact or air cooling methods. The customization of this cooling system enhances patient comfort, making the procedure as gentle as possible without compromising on effectiveness.

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High-Quality International Components

Alix Lasers®️ prides itself on incorporating globally sourced, high-quality components in their laser systems. The use of USA Fiberguide optical fibers, UK Firstlight xenon lamps, and Germany Infineon IGBT discharge modules exemplifies the brand's commitment to international standards and superior quality. These components are integral to the laser's performance, ensuring high efficiency, reliability, and precision in various treatments. This international collaboration in sourcing parts underscores Alix Lasers®️'s dedication to providing the best in laser technology, combining expertise from around the world to enhance the overall functionality and effectiveness of their systems.

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Versatile Treatment options with Alix Lasers ®️

Alix Lasers®️'s ultra-modern long-pulse laser is not only effective for hair removal but also excels in treating a variety of skin conditions. This includes the removal of blood vessels, hemangiomas, skin rejuvenation, and even inflammation of the nails. The precision and effectiveness of these treatments are a testament to the laser's advanced technology and the company's commitment to innovation. The software, developed at their Swiss site, is continually adapted based on the latest research and customer feedback, ensuring optimal results. With over a decade of experience, Alix Lasers®️ consistently sets high standards in product quality, staying at the forefront of laser and light system technology.

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