Alix Lasers® Products

No other brand globally rivals the comprehensive portfolio of products and machines that Alix Lasers boasts. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our machines cater to an expansive spectrum of aesthetic, medical, and surgical needs.

Alix Saphir® 3D IceCool

hair removal IceCool Laser

3D Diode Laser
IceCool Laser 3W
for all Skin Types I – VI

Alix Saphir® EMS

muscle building and fat loss

Strong Power
7 Tesla – 150 Hz 
30.000 times in 30 minutes

Alix Saphir® Cryo

cool fat loss

Hyper Slimming
7 in1 Multi-Size Cups Preheating+Massage Mode

Alix Saphir® HIFU 10D

double lifting effects

For all Skin Types
Skin Type I – VI

Alix Dermix10

RF microneedling Station

Dermix 10
Microneedle & Fractional rf
Adjustable needle length

Alix Cobra

powerful laser technology

Alexandrit Air
The First Class in
hair removal

Alix Carbon

high standard configuration

Tattoo Removal
Carbon Peeling
Acne therapy
Vascular treatment

Alix Skin Master


Spray treatment
Bio-micro current
Ultrasound Massage

Alix CelluEx

body training

Cellulite reduction
Pregnancy stripes
Fat reduction

Alix Speed®

the power of hair removal

high end hair removal
3/4 wavelenght
26 Degress
100 million impulse