Alix Saphir® EMS

Strong Power

7 Tesla – 150 Hz  – 30.000 times in 30 minutes

EMS body training

Starting at $646 per Month

The High Intensity-EMS uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate motor nerve cells, triggering muscle contractions. It’s like exercising without actually moving. In just 30 minutes, the treatment contracts muscles 30,000 times, far surpassing regular exercise. This extreme muscle contraction requires a lot of energy, leading to the consumption of nearby fat cells and reducing fat thickness naturally through apoptosis. 


effective treatments

85% more power and results with a new technology


Reduction of fat

Reduces the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue and tightens the skin contour


Formation of muscle

The high intensity focused electromagnetic technology enlarges the muscle


Skin tightening

Intelligent thermostat sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature

EMS body trainer zones

Muscle building and fat loss

Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles

Rectus abdominis separation

Extreme muscle exercises

Shaping of the hips

Natural fat loss

Fast Delivery

by factory customer service.

Practical training

in your studio.

Essential Supplies

Gels, device accessories, protective eyewear.

Key applicators for optimal results

Treatment Results Before & After

Frequently asked questions

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EMS working

One 30-minute treatment with this unique device is equal to 30,000 sit-ups.

Ergonomic applicators with two types (flat and curved), which can be used individually or simultaneously on either the abdomen or limb

Seated Working Head: High-energy-focused electromagnetic technology fully activates pelvic floor muscles. It perfectly simulates the curve of the buttocks and accurately targets the gluteus. The 15° inclination design allows the legs to relax naturally. The raised support area in the center accurately fits the pelvic floor muscles.

7 Tesla high-intensity magnetic energy, which could cover big skeletal muscles of the human body, and this high energy level allows the muscle to respond with a deep remodeling of its inner structure.

7 Auto Mode and Manual Mode for improving muscle strength, muscle quality, and muscle endurance at different levels.