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Transforming Beauty Treatments with AOS 5.0 and Automatic AI-Driven Laser Technology.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology

At Alix Lasers®, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. Our AI-driven fully automated laser systems represent the pinnacle of innovation, offering semi-automated solutions for enhanced flexibility. With state-of-the-art software integration, we bring the future of cosmetic treatment to your fingertips.

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5-Year Alix Lasers ® Warranty

Place your trust in our expertise and offer your clients long-term results for their hair-free needs.

Fast and Pain-Free Technology

Provide your clients with efficient and comfortable laser treatments that save them time while delivering the utmost comfort. 

From Visionary Beginnings to Technological Mastery

Alix Lasers® emerged from a fusion of profound passion for beauty and an unwavering commitment to technological advancement. From day one, our ambition was clear: to set a new gold standard in cosmetic laser technology. As the years unfolded, our dedication to cutting-edge innovation and precision became our hallmark.

Every device we’ve crafted is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring cosmetic studios globally benefit from unparalleled efficacy and safety. Our journey, rich with breakthroughs, has been driven by feedback from professionals who trust our equipment daily. Today, Alix Lasers® stands as a beacon of technological superiority in the cosmetic world, and our promise is to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.