Robust handpiece

Exclusive dual spot size (15*18/15*30mm²) magnetic interchangeable tips specially designed to treat target areas differently.

-26 degree handpiece

The latest generation of laser handle, -26 degrees and ultra-light, relieves operator fatigue.


USA Laser Bars - 2400 W Super High Power - 5x Cooling - 100% Pain Free

24/7 premium guarantee

Alix series has a VIP warranty service. A technician is available 24/7. Replacement device and quick help are guaranteed.

The Next Level - ALIX SPEED

– USA laser bars
– 2400W super high power
– 5 times cooling
– 100% Pain Free

Exclusive dual spot size (15*18/15*30mm²) magnetic interchangeable tips specially designed to treat target areas differently.

The latest generation of laser handle, 365g ultra-light, relieves operator fatigue

The treatment blind spot caused by the traditional circular spot has been improved, and the improved grip will greatly reduce the treatment time and achieve better results.

5 times the cooling effect compared to other competitors on the market

The improved cooling system ensures 24-hour non-stop operation.

The clinical database automatically adjusts the parameters according to different needs, skin colors, genders, body parts and hair color, thickness and area for perfect control.

ALIX SPEED takes advantage of three combined wavelengths suitable for all skin and hair types.

755nm is suitable for fair skinned people, the 755nm wavelength targets the bulge of the hair follicle and is particularly effective for superficially embedded hair.

808nm is suitable for yellow skin. The moderate melanin absorption makes it safe for yellow skin types. It is aimed at the hair on the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.

1064nm is suitable for dark skin. The 1064nm light penetrates the deepest into the hair follicle, allowing it to selectively remove hair in areas such as the scalp, armpits and pubic area.

Painless: The unique epidermal protection mode can effectively protect the skin from damage, it is comfortable without burning and tingling.

Safety: Since the melanin in the hair follicle is hit directly, the epidermis absorbs less energy, does not damage the surrounding tissues and does not cause inflammation and pigmentation.

Precise: The light energy is directly absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles. The light and heat effect completely destroys the hair follicles and hair shafts, so that permanent hair removal is authentically achieved.

ALIX SPEED – The laser for professionals
Medical approval ISO13485 – TÜV tested – FDA 510K

Fully automatic laser
Diode laser 808 nm + Alexandrite laser 755 nm + Yag laser 1064 nm – 20 different ones

All skin and hair types
4 – 8 treatments until hair removal – guaranteed!

50,000,000 million shot guarantee

USA laser technology
Handpiece power: 1200/1600 watts
3 Spot: 15*30mm+15*18mm+8mm
3 wavelengths: 755nm + 808nm + 1064nm + combination
Fast working speed up to 20 Hz frequency
24 hours continuous operation with Silent Super Cooler
short pulsed 3D German laser bar
Medical approval
TÜV seal
FDA 510K
CE certificate

ALIX LASERS ® International

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