Made in UK handpiece

SR 560-1200nm, HR 640/690-1200nm


E-Light Skin Rejuvenation is a combined energy technology of bipolar radio

Frequency or RF and optical or light for deeper and more effective penetration into the skin layer.

Optimal results

The wavelength used and also the pulse energy used ensure optimal results .

24/7 premium guarantee

VIP Guarantee Service . A technician is available 24/7. Replacement device and quick help are guaranteed.

ALIX Speed E-Light RF Super 7 Wavelength SHR Laser

For many women and men, depilating the body is an integral part of personal hygiene and well-being. There are many options, but these methods are usually painful and cause inflammation or reddened areas. In addition, the hairs grow back quickly, so that the procedure has to be repeated over and over again. Our device permanently frees you from stubble, redness and ingrown hairs. Our devices proceed with the treatment sensitively and with great care. The treatment with our devices is gentle and particularly gentle on your skin. We offer state-of-the-art technology and much more.

Gentle hair removal is easier than ever with this SHR laser. The SHR Laser fulfills all criteria to be allowed to play in the upper league. Many people shave difficult parts of their body every day or wax and pluck their hair to the desired result with great effort. However, you certainly won’t achieve the effect over a longer period of time, but that’s exactly what this fantastic SHR laser was specially designed for. By the way, this procedure makes pain a thing of the past. The flexible handling has been almost perfected by the light construction.


A unique ICE freezing SHR laser handpiece
A powerful flow water pump
Super powerful lamps
Designed for all skin and hair types
Latest ICE Freezing Technology 2023
Immediate cooling with ICE Freezing
Ergonomic handle
Super big spot

ALIX Speed E-Light Super 7 Wavelength SHR Laser

permanent hair removal
Skin rejuvenation
Stain removal
Skin tightening
Wrinkle removal
Acne therapy
Vascular treatment
Skin whitening

SR 560-1200nm, HR 640/690-1200nm

TÜV seal
FDA approval
CE certificate

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